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Katja Eiblmayr, Owner & CEO

Beverly Hills Holistics was founded in 2019 by Katja Eiblmayr. And has since been catering to happy clients wishing for optimal surgical results and a speedy post- op recovery.

Katja Eiblmayr has been on the forefront of the beauty, wellness and health industry for over a decade. As an innovator, educator and creator. Eiblmayr's L.A. Star Cosmetics Lip Volumizer is winner of Beauty Innovation Award Austria. Her business success was highlighted in chapters of two published books and she has been featured on several magazine covers inspiring women to go after their dreams.

Following her grandfathers footsteps, who was a famous Austrian chef, Katja learned to cook at a very early age. Her great passion for health led her to study nutrition.

Today Katja specializes in longevity and anti- inflammatory foods and she holds a certification in ketogenic nutrition and supplements. Eiblmayr is a member of the American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine. And an expert in lymphatic health.

Eiblmayr's clients are among the most sought after women and men of stage and screen. To Fortune 500 CEOs and health conscious clients from all walks of life and around the world, who trust Katja Eiblmayr and her protocols during their surgical recovery process.


Born and raised in Austria, Katja Eiblmayr combines traditional European techniques with FDA approved technology.

Every client receives a unique and personalized protocol. From diet and supplement plans to custom treatments, freshly made organic beauty remedies to FDA approved lymphatic drainage technology and much more.


Eiblmayr works with a network of the most sought after doctors.

All appointments are by referral only.

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